Voting Poll: What do you think the Tornado Season is going to be like this year?

by Jan 19, 2016Oklahoma Storm Chasers News, Polls

We are taking a poll to see what your thoughts are on the 2016 Tornado Season. Do you think its an easy year little to no tornados? Tornado Apocalypse?  We would like to hear your thoughts.  Lots of researchers are predicting a light year for tornadoes because of El Nino possibly shifting back before season starts. Its anyones guess? Look at this winter, they predicted a BAD BAD winter, all in all other than the 2 Ice Storms we have had a very mild winter Thus far. We have had it way worse here in Oklahoma.   Vote in the poll below.

[poll id=”2″]


Let us know in the comments why you voted  Good or Bad Year? We would like to hear everyone’s thoughts.

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