To me, there’s a lot of model failures here. (meaning I see more things going wrong vs right BUT that doesn’t mean let your guard down just yet)  Having two shortwaves back to back always causes concerns about moisture quality on top of how compact this shortwave, but the timing has me most concerned. All that said I still feel we still *could* potentially get enough quality moisture back up into Oklahoma by late Sunday Afternoon to result in some at least ISOLATED SEVERE WEATHER.  Remember it ONLY takes one bad storm or Tornado to turn the whole day bad. 

*IF* storms can form I’m not worried about quantity of storms (they should be scattered and or isolated in nature, again that’s IF they form but again *IF* they can we could be talking about hail up to at least Tennis Ball size, Damaging winds in excess of 75 miles per hour and yes even possibly a few Tornadoes.        This is NOT hype but rather giving you a compete look at the overall weather picture we *could* face late Sunday.  

Bottom line:  We are almost to that 48 hour window of where we should start getting a better handle on this situation.  So please check back around this time Tomorrow for the very latest information.      -Todd



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