As a Dry-Line and mild cold front moves into Oklahoma on Monday with enough moisture and lift around across the Eastern 1/2 of Oklahoma we could see a few scattered Showers & Thunderstorms.  At this time it appears the best opportunity will come late into the evening 9 pm or later and into the overnight across Eastern OK (In and near the Slight Risk Zone)  I have also attached the latest HRRR run for 06z or 1 am Tuesday AM.     The main threats from any storms that form will likely be Hail, Damaging winds the Tornado threat is LOW But NOT ZERO.

Meanwhile, behind the Dry-line expect humidity levels to drop to as low as 10 percent that combined with a strong SSW wind between 20-30 mph will create very dangerous WILDFIRE concerns across the Western half of the state. Expect the near Critical Fire conditions to remain with us through at least Wednesday.  So please use some common sense and DON’T BURN!      I’ll post an update later this evening if I see any changes are needed to this forecast.

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