Storm zones for Sunday PM: Two areas of concern one in NC OK up to near the KS border another in SW OK into NW TX where the cap should be a big stronger and **May** limit development.      
The first area is the most likely area for storm initiation up into North Central Oklahoma between 3 – 6 pm Sunday afternoon. Large hail up to Tennis Ball size and Damaging winds in excess of 70 mph will be the primary concerns. Some questions remain as to the extent of any Tornado threat (This should become a bit more clear over the next 24 hours so stay tuned) 
Area # 2 down across SW OK/ NW TX: IF storms can go up they could be very explosive with Very Large hail up to the size of Baseballs, Damaging winds in excess of 80 mph and perhaps even a few Tornadoes. Again this area is a bit more in doubt but it does need to be watched!    
Outside of the Elevated/Enhanced risk zones we have a “Marginal risk” where storms could expand in coverage late into the evening and overnight Sunday. The main concerns would be isolated pockets of Large hail and strong gusty winds.
Remember forecasts do often change so please stay tuned on Saturday for any modifications that area needed! Meteorologist Todd Rasmuson- #OKWX Updates #osc 5:51PM 4/7/17

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