Oklahoma Storm Chasers – Bug Out Bag Giveaway Winners

by Jan 17, 2016Oklahoma Storm Chasers News

Drum roll please…… Aaaaaaaaaaand the winners of the 10 storm survival “bug-out” bags……….. But first… EVERYONE give A HUGE thanks to Mainard & Sanders Heating & Air, Curb Appeal Roofing & Construction, and Cabela’s OKC for sponsoring the giveaway!!! Be sure to keep all of them in mind for anything you may need for your home or business!!!

***** To prevent any concerns…KEEP IN MIND I PICKED THESE NAMES OUT OF A HAT! ******
Totally random, most of our original followers can vouch for our honesty when it comes to giveaways! But after the last few drawings, it took way too long to draw on camera we just decided to list them instead! (Besides me on cam tonight… Bad idea… I look like I was hit by a bus) bahahahaha!!!

1. Jana Brown – Minco, OK
2. Helen Hartley – Wynnewood, OK
3. Kaylynn Mayden – Moore, OK
4. Shilo Powers – Hinton, OK
5. Kimberly Wilcox – Edmond, OK
6. Carime Woods – Carmen, OK
7. Sarah Minarik – Wilson, OK
8. John Collins – Lindsay, OK
9. Kim Rosenberry – Cache, OK
10. Shawanda Jones Johnson – Yukon, OK

WINNERS, MESSAGE THE PAGE FOR INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZES! AND CONGRATS TO YOU ALL!!! Thank you to everyone who entered! Stay tuned to OSC for more AWESOME drawings in the near future! And as always, thank you for being a part of the OSC family! We love each and everyone of y’all!

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